10 de diciembre de 2008

El teléfono móvil y la cooperación al desarrollo. Ejemplos

mHealth: A Developing Country Perspective
This document describes mHealth as one of the major challenges being faced by both medical practice and health care policies. It states that "approximately 50%-60% of government services including primary health management can be delivered via mobile channel..."

The Role of Mobile Phone in Sustainable Rural Poverty Reduction
This paper examines the role of mobile telephones in sustainable poverty reduction among the rural economically poor. It discusses the role of information in rural poverty, explores whether mobile phones are the appropriate delivery mechanism, and examines growth of the mobile phone sector, availability of service, private sector growth, benefits to the rural economically poor, and emerging trends...

Lifelines India - India
This ICT initiative uses mobile technology and an interactive voice response system to provide academic support and instructional training to rural elementary school teachers in West Bengal, India. This project equips teachers with mobile phones and links them to an information database and an expert panel where they can access answers to specific queries...

Portugal: Mobile Phones in Schools
According to this report, over 1.83 billion calls were made by 14.3 million Portuguese mobile telephone subscribers in the second quarter of 2008. The potential that a widespread and personalised tool like the mobile phone offers for learning is being studied by e-learning and education experts...

MobileActive - Global
This is a virtual community of people and organisations around the world who are using mobile technology for social impact. The purpose of this interactive website that connects and informs these people is to increase the effectiveness of efforts to use the 3.5 billion mobile phones worldwide to organise, communicate, and spark social change...

Podcasts Reach Peruvian Villages
This article gives a snapshot of a new pilot project using podcasting to get agricultural information to farmers in Peru's remote Andean mountain villages like Chanta Alta. Telecentres, many of which are run on solar power, automatically download the programmes onto CDs to rebroadcast them on local radio stations...

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